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All This Math

Sometime back during the 2010-2011 school year during one of my math classes I was “chopping it up” with some students in my Algebra 2 class and told them that I should start a math tutoring business to share my skills with a wider audience. One of my students asked what I would call it. Instinctively, I said “All This Math.” Even though I didn’t act on the idea until around 2017, that random day in school was when the idea was born. In that time in between the birth and delivery of All This Math I continued to hone my math competencies, teaching skills and general appreciation for the subject so that it can be effectively delivered to students.  

In the spirit of culturally responsive educational practice, All This Math provides mathematics tutoring and instruction for students of all ages and levels of understanding, regardless of mathematical background. We build student confidence so they believe that they can excel in math classes, home-school settings, on standardized tests, and in everyday life situations requiring mathematical applications.


We cannot stress enough, the importance of having self-confidence in one’s ability to “do math” which is a major component of our tutoring and instruction.  We remove the stigma from mathematics as a "Bully" and redefine it as a friendly tool, useful in various situations. We want people to understand that math is easy IF and only if, someone effectively explains what’s going on in the problem.

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